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Turning Your Next Level of Success Into Your New Normal

In this article, create a fast start to your year.


Build Year End Sales Action Plan

End this year on top with Tom.


Top Managers Dealing with Overwhelm

In this article, Tom talks about dealing with overwhelm.


The Secret for High Performance Coaching

Learn about growing your producers to the next level.


Coaching 101

In this article, Tom talks about coaching so that you can begin to build a coaching culture.


Coaching Experienced Reps

Learn about coaching for general agents and managing directors.


Steps to Creating Practical Business Tools

Read about Tom's overview of the creation process of practical business tools and systems.


Creating a Clear Vision For Your Goals

Clarity Leads to Power

Have you ever tried to figure out how to get somewhere you’ve never been before. While our new GPS systems have helped, they don’t always give the best path from where you are to where you are going.

The same is true as you work to develop your business.

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The Six-Step Process to Creating and Executing Your Goals

In this article Tom presents a clear and concise process to help you create and execute your goals.


Practical Business Tools

Previously we talked about the six-step process to creating and executing your goals. This time we’re going to look at some of the practical business tools to execute your vision and goals.

You’ll notice one theme in this toolkit: Clarity. You must have clarity if you’re going to bring clarity to your team, company and future.


Be Aware of the Pitfalls

Over the last few articles we’ve looked at the need for clarity and goal setting. In this article we are going to address some of the potential pitfalls, how to recognize them when they enter your life and business and hopefully how to avoid as many as possible.