Dream Big with Your 2015 Sales Plan: 4 Steps to Your Best Quarter Ever

If you want to start 2015 as a top sales producer, it is important to gain insight and clarity around your success principles and embrace them in your life. Below I have 4 of the top success principles that are important for top sales leaders.

  • Courage: Have the courage to think big for new possibilities. Go beyond your feelings and circumstances in order to hit extraordinary results. Don’t settle!
  • Clarity: Create clear goals. Know what you desire your year-end sales goals to be. See it, feel it, and go for it. Focus on your goals, and your game plan.
  • Commitment: It takes commitment for sales leaders to achieve and surpass their goals. Do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals and obtain phenomenal results.
  • Caring: Are you creating win/win relationships? A caring attitude can make a huge difference in your success. If you’re doing the right thing and serving well your results will be undeniable.

2015 Sales Plan: Marketing Activities for a New Year

Your first quarter marketing will set the tone for 2015. As you develop this marketing strategy, start small and with low hanging fruit. To hit your top sales numbers, you will need to be focused, urgent, anddriven. Below is an outline of best practices that I’ve seen top producers use for a fast start in a new year.

1. Sell your existing clients: Your quickest and easiest sales are with your existing clients. They know you and they trust you. New sales exist for you through these clients. Follow the tips below for discovering these new leads.

  • Create a list of people that you want to see.
  • Make the calls.
  • Do the appointment, and
  • Ask for referrals.

2. Consistently get referrals: If you’re taking good care of your clients, you can expect to get referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask for them and use a script in doing so. The referral habit goes on 24/7, 52 weeks out of the year. Use the following tips to generate referrals:

  • Make a list of people to ask for referrals.
  • Call and make the appointments.
  • Set up face-to-face appointments.
  • Offer them value.
  • Ask for referrals using your script. Remember, “Words are power”!

3. Build client centers of influence: Your best clients will be your advocates. Train them to regularly give you referrals and personal introductions to your ideal prospects. Try the following tips for a fast start to your 2015 sales plan.

  • Make a list of your best centers of influence to see.
  • Make calls.
  • Set up appointments.
  • Do value added actions.
  • Take them to a special meal.
  • Ask for referrals.

4. Holiday marketing: During the first quarter, you want to acknowledge your best clients. Be generous and thank them for who they are. Here are some practical actions top of the table producers do.

  • Send New Years’ cards.
  • Do one-on-one meals during January and February.
  • Create small January parties.
  • Give small gifts.
  • Call and express thanks to your top 20 clients and professional centers of influence.

As 2014 comes to a close, reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year, and what you wish to improve on with your 2015 sales plan. A successful first quarter needs a sense of urgency, clarity, and commitment. Focus on giving and being a caring professional. Create relationships that are win/win and confidently know that you will not only hit your goals but exceed them. Stay focused and keep giving your best. Don’t settle for anything less!

In my next article, I’ll discuss tips for strong time management and execution for continued success as we enter 2015.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you much success in 2015.

– Tom Guzzardo