The New Has Come: How to Embrace New Opportunities and Possibilities

"Behold, the new has come”… embrace the new possibility. You have a fresh start…

2015 is a brand new year, and with it you have a new opportunity – a fresh start with a new month and a new quarter. This goes beyond simply New Year’s resolutions, setting a few goals, or hoping to be more productive with our sales, with our leadership, with our work.

With this new opportunity, there are new starts, and with this new year and new quarter, it is fresh. It is full of possibilities. There are no limits. This is a truth, a universal truth that truly can set you free.

My Experience

A week ago, I was going into church, and I misplaced my cell phone. I looked everywhere for it. Retracing my steps, I started to freak out. I love my phone, and I was concerned that I was going to have to buy a new one.

A day and a half later, I got a text from someone who works at the church. “We found your cell phone. It seems to still work, but it was crushed.” They said.

Though the phone was working, it was slow. I just wanted my old phone back. I didn’t want change, but I knew I needed to explore new options. My executive assistant pointed out that while I could get the old phone fixed – I could also upgrade and get a better phone.

As I started looking at the new possibilities, what opened up was indeed a fresh stat.  At any moment in time, there are new possibilities.  I was able to get a new phone with better features and that challenged me to learn new programs and increase my technology skills. New thoughts, habits, and patterns opened up.  I even got a great deal; I got a new phone for free and an Android tablet for only $149.

We should challenge ourselves to find the positive and the opportunity in all situations – even the ones that initially disappoint us.

3 Ways to Embrace “The New Has Come” and New Possibilities


  1. Create a 90-Day Game Plan: Write down your specific goals and what you wish to accomplish with your work and your personal life. Be specific with these goals, and define three outcomes that energize you to create new results and habits. Pick results that you are passionate about. Enthusiasm, passion, and focus all go together.
  2. Help Others: Focus on what your co-workers, clients, and vendors/partners need. Strive to find one of these individuals that you can help each day and truly make a difference. Do this from a place of humility and giving, with no expectation of anything in return.
  3. Renew Your Mind: Each day, create an affirmation that asserts what you want to do and who you want to be. (For example, “I am good at (the new habit you want to develop).  I am good at being early for appointments.”  Or, “I am good at follow-up with clients and prospects.  I am thankful for…”) Repeat to yourself your affirmation five times a day, and also share your affirmation with others.

Closing Thoughts

Each day, you have a new day. You have a fresh start full of possibilities. With 2015, we also have a new year, and it too is fresh and full of possibilities. Embrace it with passion, with a new game plan, with a heart of service, and with a new mind.
Behold, the new has come!  Take action!

Tom Guzzardo