Time Management 101: Change the Way You Work in 2015

Strong time management is essential to having a strong first quarter. You should make a list of your top three goals and the action steps to achieve them. Each week write out your action steps and block out time to do them. Also plan time for the important, but not urgent tasks such as building future leaders and centers of influence.

Time Management Systems

Here are three time management systems to increase focused execution:

  1. Plan your ideal weekly calendar and schedule: Block out each week through March 31st and schedule when you’re working, when you’re not, and when you’re marketing, recruiting, leadership coaching, doing financial reports. (Your key activities)
  2. Plan your weekly goals: Plan each week and prioritize your schedule and actions. Every week you need to be on the phone, setting up appointments, and following up on cases. Be focused, committed, and productive.
  3. Plan three months ahead: Block your schedule. Block time for prospecting, sales appointments, recruiting appointments, team building, and marketing lunches.

Some key principles to remember to have strong time management and execution include beingfocused and planning well. Each day, have expectancy and urgency. Be enthusiastic about how you’re going to serve others. See the people.

Time Management: Creating Accountability

It’s vital that you have someone you’re reporting your business, marketing, leadership, and sales goals to, and this includes your weekly key activities. This could be your boss, a sales manager, a professional coach, or a peer in your industry. Create strong feedback and accountability with this person by following these steps:

  • Schedule weekly face-to-face or phone calls. Block out 10 to 15 minutes. Report on what you did for the week, what worked well, what didn’t work well, and what you need to do differently.
  • Be clear. Be clear about your business goals for 2015 and your business activities per week. Include the number of key results you want in sales, marketing, and leadership.
  • Commit to your sales, marketing, and leadership activity goals. Commit to the number of appointments per week, for sales, marketing, recruiting, and leadership coaching, and the number of center of influence calls. Track your activity and report this information to your coach or accountability partner.

To have a strong fast start first quarter, create a sense of urgency, clarity, and commitment. Be a caring professional. Focus on giving and creating win/win relationships. Be confident in knowing that you will hit and exceed your goals. Lastly, set up strong marketing systems and strong time management and execution. Stay focused, and do your best!

– Tom Guzzardo