Become a Social Champion: Be Flooded with Referrals and Create Clients for Life

Social Champions love to help and serve others, and they are magnets for mutual partnerships. They build ideas and leadership thoughts to make business fun and financially rewarding. They seek to “champion” or actively empower another person’s vision and goals.  Their primary behavior is to “serve generously,” never looking at their investment of time or as an expectation of something to come back. They actively look for social events to build and bridge relationships. It’s a dynamic and constant process of service. This creates a business friendship with mutual support.

There are five success traits all social champions have. The two I want to highlight are… serving well and being generous.

While on your path to becoming a Social Champion, it’s important to remember not only to serve people, but to serve them well, which can be demonstrated by being authentic and generous with your offer of service. Once the offer has been accepted, it’s equally important to follow-up by delivering the next level of your best service.Below is a story that illustrates the very nature of what it means to serve well and generously:

Below is a story that illustrates the very nature of what it means to serve well and generously:

Early in my speaking and coaching career, I attended a National Speakers Association meeting. Everyone was talking about the extraordinary speaker, Joe Charboneaux. He was a small man, rather round and full of life and good humor. He was exceedingly excited about his message. He spoke about creating extraordinary customer service and falling in love with your clients. He received a standing ovation from the 50 people in attendance. At the end, he made a surprising offer. To everyone in the audience, he offered a free copy of his book and his training program. He simply invited attendees to give him their business card and request the training series. The program was valued at $250 – an entire training program with a workbook. I was quite impressed. I said to myself, “Wow, how can he do that, why is he doing that?”

When I spoke with him afterwards I asked him, “Joe, how can you afford to do that?” He looked directly into my eyes and with warmth and caring he said, “How can I afford not to? My message is be generous, to be extraordinary, to love and serve well. I want to help professional speakers fall in love with their clients.” I was touched, moved and inspired by who he was and his simple act of generosity. This is an excellent example of simply being who you are and a great illustration on how to create a “Wow” level of service.

When you provide a “Wow” level of service, it is motivating and inspires the other person to reciprocate naturally. This is not a “give to get” manipulation.

Actions that will help you create the desired “Wow” level of service include:

  • Solving a problem in their business.
  • Taking action to help them reach their business goals.
  • Helping to clarify their work and life vision.
  • Supporting their vision.
  • Helping them achieve their family goals.
  • TLC: Intentional Concern and Care

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