Coaching Skills 101: Living Intentionally

How often are you present? Truly present and aware of what is going on around you?

In my last article, I touched on the concept of living intentionally and embracing the moment. We focused on active listening, and it is important for you to become an effective leader as well as an effective coach. How can you think like a CEO, act like a leader and grow your organization? Active listening is only one of the skills required. In this article, we will focus on living intentionally, making commitments and achieving high performance results.
The Key Success Principles to Living Intentionally

  • To Create: We live our lives moment to moment, generating results and the quality of life we intend. Often, we react to situations instead of respond to circumstances.  Living intentionally means we are creating the results and the character qualities we are committed to live. (Example: Intentionally create/plan the day, your meetings or sales results.)
  • To Commit: Commit yourself to getting certain results. If we are committed, we do whatever it takes to get the result we want, or to be the kind of person we want to be. Be committed to live purposefully.  Thus, live each day with your vision and mission. Review it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.  Ask yourself questions.  Am I living my vision of _________ ?

 Living Intentionally: Create Each Day

Each day, create the day the way you want it to be. Choose two character qualities for the day such as service or generosity. Commit yourself to two results such as making five recruiting calls or having 2 powerful coaching sessions. Lastly, commit to learn one new skill or one new piece of information such as active listening, referrals or leadership coaching.

Illustrate living intentionally:
–  I am committed “To Be” ___________________ (2 character qualities)
–  I am committed“To Do” __________________ (2 results or activities)
–  I am committed “To Learn” _________________ (1 skill or new information)
Ask yourself…

  • What percentage of the time are you present?
  • How often do you live intentionally?  How many days of the work week?
  • What am I committed “to do” this week?
  • Who do I want “to be” this week?

 Finding Myself in the Moment

I recently went on a church mission trip to Cameroon, Africa. It was a beautiful experience that challenged me to let go of all my day to day distractions like my cell phone, my work and even my level of comfort. However, what I found was incredible. The people around me were very present, loving and joyful. They were clear about what they wanted to do, and they were open to learning. There was a vitally there – a brightness in their eyes. They saw life as a gift.
After being with them, I was confronted by how often I’m not present, and through this realization – I am choosing to be in the moment. I see the beauty around me. I committed to love and serve well.

Do you see the beauty around you? Do you see that every day is a gift?
What’s the Payoff in Living Intentionally?

The payoff to living intentionally is immense. You can achieve far better results, be present in the moment more often, be more passionate about your life, and have a stronger connection with those around you – both your clients and your loved ones.

What I challenge you do in the upcoming weeks is to find an accountability friend and:

  • Define 2 character qualities you want to possess
  • Define 2 results or activities that you are committed to doing
  • Define 2 new skills you want to learn and practice

Do you want more peace and more time? Living intentionally is a skill worth mastering for your career and the ones you love.

Tom Guzzardo