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“Breakthrough Sales Workshop” One Day Intensive

PRACTICE WATER:  Your Breakthrough Sales Workshop

"If you stop getting better, you stop being good."

Come to the Head Waters of Practice River to transform your business to what you know it can be.  Regardless of your performance level today, you can be better, much better.  Practice River is a breakthrough sales workshop that will show you the way to your unique success.  This one-day event will help you create sales momentum and focus.  Featuring two acclaimed but different coaches, Tom Guzzardo and Jim Ruta, will introduce you to a why and how coaching process that will change your business forever.

Get better target marketing, more focus, more referrals, more appointments, more consistency, more time off, more goal achievement to making compliance work to your advantage.  Sounds like some things that can help you, you need breakthrough sales workshop, to be in breakthrough -- you need practice: the Breakthrough Sales Workshop.  It all starts March 9, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.



              Tom Guzzardo - Top Leaders Coach

Tom Guzzardo

A business consultant & leadership coach with 24 years of experience, Tom Guzzardo is all about creating synergy and integration of your business and life. He understands all the pieces of your business puzzle and helps you align the stray pieces that limit your success.

Tom has helped hundreds of CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to breakthrough to the next level of results and excellence. Tom is the creator of one of the most unique and fully-integrated executive leadership coaching programs that generate breakthrough results.

Tom delivers dynamic and educational speeches and workshops, group coaching, and personalized one-on-one coaching programs. His clients have included AT&T,  Delta Air Lines,  Bank of America, Mass Mutual,  Guardian,  American Express, New York Life, MetLife, and Prudential.

                       Jim Ruta - Ignite Your How

Jim Ruta

Jim Ruta is a coach and speaker with a difference, he learned his trade by actually doing the job.  He is a retired executive manager of Canada's largest insurance agency with more than 250 agents and 15 managers and a coach to top sales and management people worldwide. He inspires action, professionalism and high performance worldwide with his entertaining and educational presentations.

Based on his own successful business track record, Jim gets to the heart of your challenges to overcome performance roadblocks so you achieve more. Regardless of your performance level today, he’ll “Ignite Your How” so you do what needs to be done to get the additional results you want, fast. When you know you can do more and be more, you want Jim Ruta to “Ignite Your How”.

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