Manager Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services provides individual business consulting and coaching to General Agents and CEO. Consider executive coaching if you wish to:

  • Assess your strengths, weaknesses and business growth potential. Streamline your business plan, marketing activities and recruiting to the next level
  • Polish your systems for recruiting, training, selling, supervision/coaching, and marketing, operations
  • Expand your productive time to do your most revenue producing activities through effective business systems, staffing, and time mastery strategies
  • Create balanced living programs for increased play, productivity, power and personal satisfaction

+ Who is this for?

General Agents that have 3.0 – 15 million or more total sales revenue and 5-20+ years experience or more.

+ What will I learn?

You will discover:

  • The four performance areas that limit your agency sales, marketing, recruiting and coaching growth
  • Ways to better implement your business plan, weekly and monthly action plan and accountability to run your business like a business
  • How to plan and implement your recruiting action plan using the systems and tools designed to help you regularly recruit top quality people into your organization
  • How to polish office systems and build a recruiting support team to increase your productivity and hit agency growth goals
  • Areas in your business and personal life where you are “stuck.” We will coach you to change your limiting beliefs and habits to create breakthroughs in recruiting, marketing, coaching and productivity

+ What does the program include?

This 12 month coaching program includes:

  • 4 one day individual consulting sessions at the manager's office with agency manager and staff. Face-to-face sessions are scheduled once per quarter
  • Regular 45-minute teleconferences creating follow up and accountability
  • Assessment and testing: know your unique personal and business strengths and weaknesses
  • Marketing and administrative training with your staff. Coaching in your office helping you and your staff implement your goals, systems and special projects to grow your agency and yourself to the next level

+ What benefits will I receive from the program?

By the end of this 12 month program, you should be able to:

  • Consistently recruit top quality people into your high performance culture
  • Do what you do best to grow your agency as managers, administrative staff and business systems work efficiently to leverage your time
  • Grow your agency to the next level with business and recruiting systems
  • Reduce your frustration and business stress through better staff productivity, teamwork and business systems
  • Increase personal satisfaction, focus and power as you execute your balanced living action plan
  • Get more done in less time through time mastery strategies, increased focus and personal power

Sales Manager coaching

Maximize your business growth and management comp. Hit your recruiting and sales production quotas consistently.


  • Build and execute your quarterly business game plan.
  • Consistently recruit rock star producers and build your high performance team.
  • Expand your leadership, recruiting and coaching skills

+ Who is this for?

Sales manager how has $200,000 or more of new art org production or managers with three to ten years experience or more.

+ What results can I expect?

  • Strong recruiting results in 60 to 90 days.

  • Strong new org production increases, in 90 days.

+ How long is the program?

Five months

+ What is the format of the coaching sessions?

  • Ongoing telephone/video conferences (one hour sessions). Every two weeks for five months.

+ How do you coach us to expand our recruiting?

  • Polish your total quality process for recruiting.

  • Develop your warm source recruiting strategies.

+ How do you coach us to grow and develop our producers?

  • Polish your producer coaching program, and field coaching process.

  • Train you to coach your producers to build client and professional centers of influence.

  • Coach you to coach your producers to get multiple referrals to their ideal prospect.

+ What is the time commitment of the manager?

  • Three hours a week by the manager.

Level of accountability and support:

  • Weekly account activity reports, and feedback.

  • Solid follow-up with spot calls.

+ Where's the level of customization?

Strong customization with recruiting and marketing systems and scripts


  • Assess your unit, recruiting, training and coaching, systems and skills.
    Build your one-year business and producer growth action plan.

Baldrige Organization Consulting

Create quantum organizational growth by building and implementing a strategic business game plan with your top management team, producers, and support staff. Align a team of your top talent within your agency to plan your next level of sales production, recruiting, and strong system.

+ Who is this for?

Agencies with $2.0M to $12M or more of total revenue. General agents with 20 years or more of experience.

+ What is the consulting process?

Phase one:

  • Organizational assessment using the Baldrige business model.

Phase two:

  • Build three year strategic game plan.
  • Build leadership development plans for key leaders.

Phase three:

  • Implement strategic game plan and strategic initiatives.

  • CEO leadership coaching.

  • Leadership training for key leaders.

+ How long is the program?

Nine months

+ What is the Baldrige business model?

It is used by the US Department of Commerce for evaluating business excellence.

  • It sets up the annual excellence award business winners.

Integrated high performance system machine.

  • Build three year strategic game plan.

  • Build leadership development plan.

Objective measures of excellence based on 30 years of research.

  • Systems based, result oriented with measurement focus.

  • Henry Whitlow - senior Baldrige examiner - 22 years experience.

+ What does the strategic game plan (strategy map) do?

  1. Sets up bottom line objective: "What are we trying to achieve at the next level?
  2. Set up our new value proposition: "What are our customers expecting from us?
  3. Determine: "What do we need to do well to deliver our value proposition?
  4. Set up strategic initiatives and actions:
  • Improve our work process

  • Deliver our value proposition.

+ How do you implement a strategic plan (strategy map.)?

  • Set up a quality council of: top managers, top producers, and support staff.

    • Implement the strategy map.

    • Set measures and monitors to track your business processes and deliver the strategic game plan.

    • Create work teams.

    • These work teams take on the strategic initiatives and actions.

+ How do you build the leadership development plans?

  • Assessment of the 67 leadership trait

    1. Based on the center of created leadership research

    2. All leaders have these traits.

  • Pinpoint two to five strengths and two areas of improvement (one year leadership development plan.)

  • Utilize top strengths and areas of improvement with actual projects.

  • Coaching and follow up on usage.

+ What are the achievable results with the Baldrige consulting program?

  1. Hit the organization’s bottom line business results by creating an organization wide action plan.

  2. Predictable results and peace of mind for leaders, managers and producers (build productive systems and work environment).

  3. Individual employees get:

    • A. More productive work environment.

    • B. Better systems and support to obtain their business goals.

  4. The organization gets:

    • A. Increased leadership skills.

    • B. Increased responsibility and accountability in leading the organization.

  5. Sustained high performance for: the organization through (through alignment of leaders, managers and work team).

+ What are the benefits for the General Agent and the agency?

  • Empower other people to lead and build the agency systems.

  • Create strong team culture enhance producer participation.

  • Better training and management of recruiting and retention for increased man power.

  • More predictability and producers hitting next level of conference sales results.

  • Maximize general agent peace of mind and attaining performance bonuses.

Client Testimonials

In order to get success, you need to build a specific business game plan and implement that plan. Tom helps strong managers with your systems for recruiting and developing advisors and growing your agency. The program was completely customized for my personality, career situation and people. I highly recommend to any general manager, sales manager, financial advisor to use these customized coaching services. You will get high performance results in your life and your business with Tom’s coaching program and process.
— S. On - Green Bay, WI
Tom’s coaching pinpointed my areas for improvement and he created sales coaching strategies to empower my sales team to hit and exceed their production goals. Having Tom as a coach has made me a better coach, and I am flooded with agent referrals.
— A. Frank - Atlanta, GA

Comparison of Manager Coaching Programs

Executive Coach Sales Manager Baldrige Consulting
Agency Assessment icon --- ---
Baldrige Business Assessment --- --- icon
Length of Program 6 Months 6 Months 9 Months
Video Conference Coaching icon icon icon
Onsite Coaching 2 One Day Visits 10 One Hour Sessions 3 One Day Visits
Life Coaching icon icon ---
Vision/Mission icon icon icon
Strategic Game Plan icon --- icon
Team Building --- --- icon
Leadership Development Plan icon --- icon
Build Agency Systems --- --- icon
Recruiting Systems icon icon ---
Coach Manager to Coach --- icon ---
Coach Manager icon --- ---
Marketing for Producers --- icon ---
Change Habits icon icon ---