Producer Coaching Services

"Platinum" Indivdual Coaching

Advanced strategic and tactical business coaching to maximize sales performance and income. Designed for experienced financial advisors seeking “breakthrough” business results.


  • Build and execute your new strategic business game plan and value proposition.
  • Do one year business goals and align your sales staff
  • Build a strong marketing system

+ Who is this for?

Producers who seek to hit and maintain Court of the Table production and Top of the Table production. Producers should have 7 to 20 years experience in the financial service industry; $150,000 - $2.0M total revenue.

+ What is the format of the coaching sessions?

  • Two 1 day on site coaching visits (1 visit each quarter)
  • Ongoing telephone/video conference coaching: one hour session every two weeks
  • Spot support calls weekly

+ How do you coach us to expand our marketing?

  • We show you how to build client and professional centers of influence.
  • We co-create with you your one year social/marketing calendar.
  • We provide a customized marketing action plan, tools, and systems to help you maximize new sales.
  • We customize strategies to go deeper in your niche market and deliver a wow-level of customer service.

+ What is the time commitment of the producer?

  • Two hours a week by producer
  • Two hours a week by sales and marketing support person

+ How long is the program?

Six months

+ What is the level of accountability and support?

High level of accountability and follow-up. We train you and your staff to be executing every week. Strong support calls ongoingly. We maximize the teachable moments as you need support.

+ What is the level of customization?

Very high customization with your sales and marketing systems. We co-create with you your strategic game plan. We work closely with you and your staff in developing your business to the next level.

Customized coaching process:

  • We assess your business, staff, and systems.
  • We pinpoint gaps in performance, build and implement the sales marketing and workflow systems needed.
  • We help you build and execute your business vision, strategic game plan and business succession plan.

"Silver" Individual Coaching via Video Teleconference

Cost effective entry level coaching program for stabilizing your career and increasing your sales revenue.


Create solid sales growth for young producers.
Build two business and marketing systems.

+ Who is this for?

Producers with 4 - 10 years of experience in the financial service industry, $50,000 - $100,000 total revenue.

+ What Sales results can I expect?

  • Strong sales increases in 60 to 90 days.
  • Get solid referrals and write bigger cases. Leverage your time and profits.

+ What is the format of the coaching sessions?

Ongoing telephone video conferences (one-hour sessions). Every two weeks for four months

+ How do you coach us to expand our marketing?

  • Increase the number and quality of your referrals.
  • Plan small and profitable client events.
  • Train staff to run weekly marketing.

+ What is the time commitment of the producer?

Three hours per week prep by producer

+ How long is the program?

Five months

+ What is the Level of accountability?

  • Good accountability with the producer and support staff.
  • Weekly e-mail follow-up and spot support calls.

+ What is the Level of customization?

  • Strong customization with business and marketing systems and scripts.
  • Help you fill your sales pipeline and close cases.

Customized coaching process:

  • We identify immediate opportunities to grow the business and increase sales revenue.
  • We train and develop support staff.

Client Testimonials

Tom harnessed my focus and energy to create an unstoppable commitment within me. I doubled my number of appointments and sales production. Tom challenged me to eliminate the distractions and become fully committed and more productive.
— A. Franks - Atlanta, GA
Tom has a creative way of understanding who you are and helping you create increased focus and attack. He co-creates with you a clear business game plan. He has systems and strategies to help you understand how to be a high-performing financial advisor and increase your sales income. I encourage anyone seriously interested in growing their full potential as a person and sales as a financial advisor to engage in these services.
— A. Akhund - Visalia, CA
Coaching with Tom Guzzardo helped me to break down into manageable pieces the things I needed to change with my sales and marketing. It helped me to eliminate procrastination and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I now have more focus and increased productivity”... “we co-created simple solutions that I could put into practice quickly” … “Tom helped me to build customized business systems and grow my business. I am running my business better so that when I go home, I have more of myself left to share with my family.
— K. Thome - Neenah, WI

Comparison of Individual Producer Programs

Platinum Silver Video Teleconference
Business Assessment icon icon
On-site Coaching Yes - 2 One Day Visits No - 8 One Hour Video Teleconference Sessions
Length of Program 6 Months 4 Months
Video Conference Coaching icon icon
Weekly Accountability icon icon
Unlimited Spot Support Calls icon ---
Staff Coaching icon icon
Life Coaching icon ---
Business Vision/Mission icon ---
Business Succession Plan icon ---
1 Year Business Plan icon ---
1 Quarter Business Plan icon icon
Marketing Game Plan icon icon
Hire and Train Staff icon icon
Train Marketing Person icon icon
Weekly Game Plan icon icon
Change Habits icon ---